Best 5 French movies That Will Definitely Make You Smile

Best 5 French movies
Best 5 French movies That Will Definitely Make You Smile
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From heartwarming tales of friendship and love to thrilling adventures in outer space, these best 5 french movies showcase the diversity and richness of cinema. “The Intouchables” from 2011 explores the unlikely bond that forms between a wealthy quadriplegic and his caretaker. “Amelie” from 2001 is a charming tale of love and self-discovery set in Paris. “Aliens” from 1993 is a sci-fi adventure that explores the mysteries of outer space and offers a thrilling action-packed experience. “The Wing or the Thigh?” from 1976 is a comedy that takes a humorous look at the food industry. “Fantomas” from 1964 is a French crime thriller that is sure to keep audiences on the edge of their seats with its suspenseful storyline. These best 5 french movies represent the breadth and depth of cinema. And are sure to leave a lasting impression on all those who watch them.

Fantomas, 1964

Adventure, Crime, Thriller

Paris is shocked by the sensational and daring crimes committed by a mysterious villain named Fantômas. All police forces are thrown into his capture, But Fantômas is practically elusive. He changes his appearance all the time, deftly slipping out of the hands of justice. Only Commissar Juve succeeds in getting on his trail with the help of Helene. Moreover, the girlfriend of the kidnapped journalist Fandor. This is only the first film of the trilogy. So you can indulge in pleasure and watch the continuation of these incredible adventures!

“The Wing or The Thigh?”, 1976

Comedy, Crime

The protagonist, Monsieur Duchemin, is a respectable compiler of the annual restaurant guide. The authority of his book is so high that all the restaurants in Paris and its environs strive to appear on its pages in a favorable light. This is very difficult, since Duchemin goes around all the establishments all the time, changing clothes in order to remain unrecognized. Duchemin’s only disappointment is his son, who does not want to follow in his father’s footsteps, dreaming of becoming a circus clown…

“Aliens”, 1993

Action, Adventure, Horror

France, 1122. Count Godefroy de Montmirail, having become a victim of the curse of an evil sorceress, kills the father of his bride. Godfroy turns to the great wizard Eusebius for help, who offers the count to go through the corridors of time to the past and correct his mistake. De Montmirail agrees to this proposal. But due to a wizard’s mistake, he and his servant end up in the 90s of our time. In the 20th century, they will have many adventures and a meeting with their descendants.

“Amelie”, 2001

Romance, Comedy, Fantasy

Do you know that all the events taking place in our world, even the most insignificant ones, are interconnected in the most amazing and wonderful way? Just as the flight of a tiny fly can cause a powerful hurricane somewhere far away, so the strange. And, at first glance, the incomprehensible actions of a quiet and lonely girl living in the world of her fantasies can forever change the lives of completely different people, giving them happiness and coloring the world around them. bright, vibrant colors. This girl’s name is Amelie Poulain.

“The Intouchables”, 2011

Biography, Comedy, Drama

After an accident, a wealthy aristocrat Philip leads a very secluded life. But everything changes when he hires Driss, a young guy from the French ghetto who has recently been released from prison, as an assistant. He manages to bring the spirit of adventure into the measured life of an aristocrat. Life has acquired colors, mutual affection has grown into a strong male friendship.

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