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A Selection Of Beautiful Films About Autumn
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This collection of films showcases the beauty and melancholy of the autumn season. As seen through the lens of different filmmakers and countries. From the sweeping grandeur of “Legends of Autumn” directed by Edward Zwick in 1994, to the romantic vibes of “Autumn in New York” directed by Joan Chen in 2000. The films in this collection offer a range of perspectives on the season. The classic Soviet film “Autumn” directed by Andrey Smirnov in 1974 explores the changing leaves in a more philosophical light. Meanwhile, “October Sky” directed by Joe Johnston in 1999 is a coming-of-age story set against the backdrop of the autumn skies. Finally, “Last September” directed by Deborah Warner in 1999 is a haunting meditation on the end of an era. These films capture the essence of autumn in all its glory, making it a must-watch collection for fans of the season.

“Legends of the fall” directed by Edward Zwick, 1994

Drama, War

Watching films about autumn is a pleasant pastime when it is raining outside, and there is a quiet, bright sadness in your soul. Especially if it is the dramatic saga “Legends of Autumn”, which tells about love and life lived at the call of the heart. Three brothers and one beautiful young woman who burst into their measured existence. An old colonel who took part in the destruction of the Indians, and a deadly fight with a bear are just elements of a complex mosaic that life itself puts together … Stunning autumn landscapes, deep feelings and a brilliant game of Brad Pitt , Anthony Hopkins and Julia Ormond – something worth seeing the film for. “Legends of Autumn” is a film masterpiece that can be reviewed many times, opening up new facets of being and human relationships.

Autumn in New York Directed by Joan Chen 2000

Romance, Drama

The list of films about autumn would be incomplete without this beautiful melodrama about love and the transience of life. They say that Will Keane is the best role of Richard Gere, who plays the role of an aging ladies’ man who first fell in love with a young girl in his declining years. However, the relationship is overshadowed by the news of her incurable illness. And the tragic ending, which, however, leaves bright feelings in the soul, because true love does not end with death … Autumn New York is unusually romantic and reminds us that every day lived can be the last. 

“Autumn”, directed by Andrey Smirnov, 1974, USSR


Of all Soviet films about autumn, this is one of the most successful, strong and bright. Two lovers fled to the village to be alone and sort out their feelings. He is married, she is divorced – what connects them, except for childhood memories and youthful romance? He cannot leave his wife, and she no longer believes that this will happen … This film has a lot of interesting dialogue, sincere, smart and deep, as well as very frank scenes, for which the director was suspended from work for a long time. “Autumn” has everything – beautiful rural landscapes, brilliant acting by Natalya Rudnaya and Leonid Kulagin, heartfelt music by Schnittke. And a magnificent plot, in which there are notes of autumn mood and pre-winter sadness. 

October Sky directed by Joe Johnston, 1999, USA

Drama, Family

A very stylish film designed for cinema gourmets and romantics who love to dream. A boy from West Virginia, having learned in October 1957 about the launch of a Soviet satellite. So, he fell in love with space and decided to build his own space rocket. Nobody believed in him. So Homer Hickam had to overcome the misunderstanding of loved ones and persistently go towards the goal. You need to fight for your dream – Homer Hickam understood this. Otherwise he would not have become a NASA engineer in the future. By the way, the film is based on the real biography of former NASA engineer, writer and Vietnam War veteran Homer Hickam. If autumn is synonymous with depression for you, October Sky will give you the strength to get out of it.

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