Best Literature Films: Journey Of Music, Art, and Literature

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Best Literature Films: Journey Of Music, Art, and Literature
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Step into the world of celebrated historical figures as we delve into the stories best literature films of the “Immortal Beloved”, the passionate love life of Chopin in “Chopin. Desire for Love”, the creativity of Shakespeare in “Shakespeare in Love”, the troubled life of writer Truman Capote in “Capote” and the struggles of young Jack Kipling in “My Boy Jack”. Get ready for an emotional roller coaster as we explore these best literature films.

“Immortal Beloved” UK, USA, 1994

Biographical, Drama, Music

The love story of one of the greatest composers. This is Ludwig van Beethoven. A separate bonus is the excellent performance of Gary Oldman as the main character. So we can say that the film is about this wonderful actor. By the way, in the frame, Gary plays music himself: playing the piano is his hobby. The film is full of feelings, love letters, doubts and torments. True, there are no facts about the composer’s belovable. As they suggest, she could be Juliet Guicciardi, to whom the great composer dedicated the Moonlight Sonata. After Beethoven’s death, along with his love letters, they also discover a portrait of a girl.

“Shakespeare in Love”. UK, USA, 1998

Romance, Comedy, Historical

This is a film about an outstanding writer-playwright, created at the intersection of genres: drama, melodrama, comedy.

1593 London. In the center of the story, as you might guess, William Shakespeare. The young playwright falls in love with the beautiful Viola de Lesseps, a great admirer of his works. Viola dreams of being an actress, but in the 16th century, women are forbidden to go on stage.

To penetrate the world of the theater, the girl changes into men’s clothes. Meanwhile, William’s feelings for Viola are reflected in the work. And slowly but surely turn into the familiar story of Romeo and Juliet. The film scrupulously and realistically conveys the historical surroundings and the very spirit of the majestic Elizabethan era, and the performer of the role of Shakespeare – Joseph Fiennes – perfectly recreated the image of his great compatriot. The picture was marked by various awards. She won seven Oscars!

“Chopin. Desire for love.” Poland, 2002

Biographical, Romance, Music

This film work can be safely attributble to the category of films – biographies of great people.

In addition, we have here another love story of a genius. In 1830, twenty-year-old Frederic Chopin left Poland for a free and uninhibited Paris. Influential friends favor him. The young composer quickly becomes a welcome guest of all music salons. There he met the infamous writer George Sand. The history of their complex and painful relationship has become the basis of many literary and film works.

Creative torment, jealousy, envy and the inevitable tragic ending…

“Capote”. USA, Canada, 2005

Biographical, Drama, Crime

The historical drama is a film about a writer. Famed writer Truman Capote, author of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, learns of the cold-blooded murder of a Kansas family. Burning with the desire to write a book about this, he, along with his childhood friend Harper Lee, travels to Kansas, where the writer has given the opportunity to personally meet with those accused of a crime …

“My boy Jack.” UK, 2007

Drama, War, Biographical

The film is the true story of writer Rudyard Kipling and his son John “Jack”. Patriot Kipling wants Jack to “become a man”, that is, a soldier, but he is not considering for the army due to severe myopia. The famous writer uses all his influence so that his son is finally sent to the front. And now, after some time, the family finds out that Jack has gone missing …

Recommended to all Harry Potter fans: the role of young Lieutenant Jack was played by Daniel Radcliffe between the fifth and sixth Harry Potter films. It is one of the best literature films of all time.

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