Top 5 British Films: Pure English Humor

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Top 5 British Films: Pure English Humor
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Welcome to the world of hilarious cinema where laughter is guaranteed! Get ready to journey through time and experience the top 5 British films with the iconic humor of “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”, the absurdity of “Death at a Funeral”, the daring antics of “The Full Monty”, the craziness of “Seven Psychopaths”, and the zom-com brilliance of “Shaun of the Dead”. Whether you’re a fan of classic comedy or contemporary humor, these top 5 British films will have you in stitches and leave a lasting impact on your funny bone.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail, 1975

Comedy, Parody, Adventure

We start our selection with a movie that forever changed the face of the comedy genre. The action takes place in medieval England in 932, during the era of the Knights of the Round Table. The film humorously plays up the well-known legend about King Arthur, his associates, and their wanderings in search of the Holy Grail.

“Death at a Funeral”, 2007

Black Comedy, Drama

A prim English family is reunited to mourn inconsolably for their deceased relative. Sincerely regretting the death of the owner of a crystal, in their opinion, soul, members of a noble family are very discouraged when they learn about the lifetime tricks of their uncle. The blackmailer who told all these funny stories does not intend to keep his mouth shut. He agrees to contribute to the preservation of the reputation of the aristocrats. Perhaps for a small amount, in his words, with a large number of zeros.

“The Full Monty”, 1997

Comedy, Drama, Musical

A steel mill closes in the small English town of Sheffield. The success of a group of male strippers who came to Sheffield gives rise to the idea of ​​​​organizing a striptease show in one of the former workers of the plant in order to somehow make ends meet. And since the former steelworkers are not distinguishable by either an ideal body or the ability to dance. It is necessary to come up with something else to attract female attention.

“Seven Psychopaths”, 2012

Dark Comedy, Crime, Thriller

The unlucky writer has lost inspiration and can’t handle a new script. By chance, he becomes involved in the kidnapping of a dog, started by his eccentric cronies. It turns out that the stolen animal is the favorite dog of the main local gangster, who can easily figure out and destroy the blockheads in no time.

“Shaun of the Dead”, 2004

Zombie Comedy, Horror, Romance

In Sean’s life, everything goes awry: he is 29 years old, he works as an ordinary sales assistant. At home there are constant domestic showdowns with cohabitants, and his girlfriend gives a complete turn from the gate. In general, not life, but continuous flour. And then, as luck would have it, some strange epidemic begins – revived and hungry corpses roam the Foggy Albion in search of a fresh human being, infecting more and more innocent citizens along the way, turning them into the same zombies. Together with their bosom friend Ed, armed with clubs and shovels. True friends go on the warpath in order to cut off the heads of annoying zombies, save their loved ones and survive themselves.

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